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5 Tips For Getting Your Business Started!

by Shakeria Northcross, Esq.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I want to start a business, but I do not know where to start,” or how many times have you said this?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the fear of not knowing where to start stops a lot of individuals from becoming successful entrepreneurs. I want this to be the last thing that prevents you from having the lifestyle that you dream of.

Here are 5 questions that you should be able to answer before you start a business:

  1. What is my business’s mission/purpose?

  2. What products or services will my business offer? (be specific)

  3. Which business structure is best for my business? (e.g., LLC, partnership, etc.)

  4. What services or supplies will I need to start my business? (research)

  5. How much money can I invest in starting my business?

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