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Friendly Business Team

Get the Help You Need to Legally Protect Your Brand

Gain the right to stop copycats from using your brand.

Imagine investing your time and money into a brand that someone else legally owns, no one should have to experience that. You deserve to own the brand that you created!

Trademark Your: 

  • Logo

  • Slogan

  • Legal Name

  • Stage Name 

  • Business Name

  • Event Name

  • Shape of Product or Package 

  • Signature Color

Free Business Guide 

You don't just want your business to look good on the outside, you want the foundation to be solid so your business has longevity. Check out our free 3-Step Business Guide!


  • Comprehensive trademark search 

  • Trademark search results letter

  • Consultation to review results letter 

  • Advice on alternative terms (if confusingly similar trademark exist)

  • Advice regarding relevant Trademark Act Section to file under

  • Advice on classification of the mark

  • Assistance with gathering required specimen

  • Preparation and filing trademark application

  • Serving as your attorney of record throughout the entire 8-12months process

  • Correspondence with client (send me all of your questions at any time throughout this process)

  • Unlimited responses for non-substantive office actions

  • All filing fees for one class (additional filing fee per additional class — e.g., selling food is one class while selling computers is a different class so each class requires you to pay additional fees)

Payment Options

  • Option 1: One Payment of $1,297

  • Option 2: Two Payments of $699


*Each payment due 30 days after the previous payment until paid in full.

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Looking for something else? We offer these additional services, get a quote today.

Trademark Office Action Responses

Trademark Statement of Use Filings

Trademark Renewal Filings

Trademark Ownership Change

Not sure which consultation is right for you?

Are you ready to jump into entrepreneurship, but you want to make sure you create a solid legal foundation for your business BEFORE you start? Our Legal Strategy Consultation is for you!

Have you already started your journey as an entrepreneur, but you want to be sure your business is being built on a legally sound foundation? Our Solid Legal Foundation Check is for you!

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