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Start your Business with Confidence

Legalizing your business should not be a burden.

When your business lacks a solid legal foundation, you risk a lot!


  • You waste money investing in a brand that you will never legally own

  • You tell others to take your personal assets instead of your business’s assets in lawsuits

  • You sign over your rights because your contracts don’t include your best interests


  • You show customers that you do not take your business serious

Whether you have questions like, "How to start a business," "How to register a trademark ," or "What does my contract need," Northcross Legal provides exceptional legal services that are catered specifically to your needs! Get in touch today so we can legalize your business the right way.

Free Business Guide 

You don't just want your business to look good on the outside, you want the foundation to be solid so your business has longevity. Check out our free 3-Step Business Guide!


  • Name availability search in state

  • Registered Agent advice

  • Correspondence with client​

  • Articles of Formation application

  • Publication (if required by State)

  • Tax ID/EIN application

  • Operating Agreement advice

  • ​ One Payment of $257​ + State's Filing Fees

*Filing fees not included in the $257

*Additional fees for Operating Agreement

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Looking for something else? 
We offer these additional services.

File Business Changes (e.g., Address, Registered Agent, etc.)

File Articles of Dissolution (e.g., Ending business)​

File Articles of Domestication or Conversion (e.g., Moving business to a new state)

Not sure which consultation is right for you?

Are you ready to jump into entrepreneurship, but you want to make sure you create a solid legal foundation for your business BEFORE you start? Our Legal Strategy Consultation is for you!

Have you already started your journey as an entrepreneur, but you want to be sure your business is being built on a legally sound foundation? Our Solid Legal Foundation Check is for you!

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