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Father-Daughter duo wants Rihanna to 'pay them what she owes them' after Fenty ad!

by Shakeria Northcross, Esq.

Rihanna allegedly played the song “Good Habits (and Bad)” by King Khan and Saba Lou, without their permission, in an Instagram post while promoting her Fenty brand. King Khan and Saba Lou filed a lawsuit against Rihanna alleging copyright infringement and stating that Rihanna’s ad was viewed 3.4 million times.

King Khan and Saba Lou want Rihanna to stop using their song and to pay them for using it in her ad! **Hey Siri, play "B... Better Have My Money by Rihanna**


  1. A copyright is automatically obtained when an original idea is placed in a tangible form.

  2. Register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office so you can sue others for using your work without permission.

  3. Do not use someone else’s song, beat, or lyrics without their written consent.

  4. You paying homage to someone does not mean that they will not want their coins after you illegally use their work!

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